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Town Hall Brewery News

Here’s a little news from Mike and the crew at Town Hall:

Hey All,
I’ve got some great news! We are getting a bunch more tanks….the bad news is that they won’t be installed for a while. What does this mean you ask? I’ll be frank – We are currently unable to keep up with demand (Thanks to all of you for that…you’re awesome!) and until those tanks are installed that will be the case. In attempt to stop running out of house regular beers like IPA, we will soon be serving just two seasonal beers rather than three. With the open line that is created we will offer additional guest beer offerings. Our intent with that open line is to feature other fine beers that are brewed in Minnesota, we look forward to sharing our tapline with our Minnesota brothers/sisters in brewing.

Jane has left her post behind our bar but wishes to invite you all down for beer this coming Sunday, May, 6 @ 7pm.

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