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Town Hall Release Schedule

Here’s the skinny from Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery:

Hey all,
Here is a list holiday release times for all you fine folks-
Wednesday, 12/20 5-6pm we will release FESTIVUS 2006. We like to make you 1800 IPA and Festivus during the month of December, this year we were a bit short of space so we combined the two beers. Festivus 2006 is a beefed up version of 1800, all the hops, more malt and more alcohol. Should offer tons of fun.

12/20 we will also have our annual mulled-ale and holiday fire. Begins at 5:00. This is a chance for all of you to have a nice warm spiced drink on us (while supply lasts) and warm your tukus by the fire before everyone splits for the holiday. Just a little thanks for your continued support. Let’s hope for continued warm weather. If anyone wants to bring in some fire-wood…feel free.

12/27 We will release a Winterstorm. 5-6pm(Let’s hope for snow) I know I’ve warned all of you Thunderstorm people about a winter version. Well, here you go! Winterstorm marks the first addition to our storm series of beers. Keep your eye open for the storms all year long. Be aware all the storms will include lemongrass and some form of honey as ingredients. Should be fun! Winterstorm is a chocolate covered orange fermented with Belgian yeast. (Lemongrass and Orange Blossom Honey)

Cheers and happy holidays!


Almost forgot-
Those crazy cats in the kitchen are talking about a New Year’s Eve event. Don’t worry…when I find out the exact details….you will be the first to know!