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Town Hall Smoked Dunkel Weizen Release Wed., 3-1

Another release from Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, this week, a smoked dunkel weizen. Last week’s Simcoe Pale Ale was awesome. Save some for me you thirsty bastards!

Hey All,
The ESB is about gone, we will release a new beer Wed. 3/1….but keep
this in mind. When the ESB runs dry (probably tonight) we will fill
that line with a few favorites from the cellar until the Wednesday
release. You may want to call and see what treat is available, I don’t think
they will last long.

Our Wednesday release is Smoked Dunkel Weizen, no fancy names here.
This beer speaks for itself. Stop by and have a pint Wednesday, 5-6pm
Smoked Dunkel for $1 per pint. Some of you asked for another
fire…this may be our last chance.