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Fresh Hop

Wednesday marks the release of Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery’s 2006 Fresh Hop Beer. The hops have been harvested and the fine folks at Town Hall have brewed a batch beer with more than 200 pounds of fragrant Centennial hops.

Hey all-

Want Fresh Hop Beer without traveling to the West Coast? We’ve got you covered. We brought 200+ lbs of fresh, wet Centennial hops to the midwest… I really mean fresh. They were in a field out West on Monday, and they were in our brew kettle Wednesday. What a beer we have! (Thanks to tremedous transportation routes and our little buddy Tom.) This beer is all about the essence of American hops. This beer smells of hops, tastes of hops and introduces you to the true bitterness of hops. There is no balance here….it is all hops! Come and taste hops this Wednesday 9/27. This beer is just $2 from 5-6pm (Pint clubbers just $1.25).

Speaking of Pint clubbers-

This year’s memberships will be on sale starting Saturday. Benefits include:
-Lifetime membership

-We buy your first growler (if you act fast you might be able to have it filled with Fresh Hop 2006)

-$.75 discount on each beer you purchase even during happy hour and beer release (some exceptions on rare beer)

-Complimentary beer during Pint club reception each Saturday from 4-5pm. (Again a few exceptions)

-Further discounts/invitations to selected events

All this for a lifetime just $140….do the math, it pays for itself quickly. We only sell 50!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They weren’t kidding! This one is about as hoppy as you could imagine. For a beer drinker looking for one side of an extreme this is the beer to try. They still have it on tap.

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