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Town Hall Thank You and World Cup

Well, it would seem that 2/3 of the news on MN Beer is from Town Hall, but when you’ve got a quality brew pub continually putting out interesting beer and advertising it, what else can we do!

Here’s some more news from the local Hoops.

Hey all,
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you. It has become fairly evident over these last few months that you have become as excited about our beer as we are. Wednesday release days seem to have become part of your weekly schedule…and we like that!
We look forward to continuing our attempt to make Wednesday the best day of your work week by offering local, fresh, hand crafted beer at an alarming value (especially between 5 & 6pm on release days) as our thank you for your continued support.

****Saturday when the mercury hits 90+…Come on down and watch the United States play Italy in the qwest for the World Cup. (1:30 pm start)

****Also Sat.—We will feature a guest bartender during pint club hour. Who you might ask???? Let’s just say that we know you miss and love him and he came all the way from Asia to serve you your favorite beer

See you Saturday

P.s. Those of you that are into the U.S. Open…you can find that here too!

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
1430 Washington Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 339-8696

Business Hours: M-W 11am to 1am; Th-Fri 11am to 2am; Sat 12pm to 2am; Sun 4pm to 12am

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  1. ryan says:

    Yes, we end up posting a LOT of Minneapolis Town Hall information. However, if any other brewery, brewpub or beer-related organization passes on information, we’ll gladly share it.

    On a related note, I tried to take my dad and step-mom to TH last Saturday evening (as my dad likes good beer but lives “up north.”) and the bar was packed and the restaurant, though only about half full, was taken by a private party. Bummer.

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