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Winterfest (Post) Two: Electric Boogaloo


Here’s the line-up for Winterfest 2007.

August Schell Brewing Co.
Barley John’s Brew Pub
Brau Brothers Brewing Co.
Fitger’s Brewhouse
Flat Earth Brewing Co.
Gluek Brewing Co.

Granite City Food & Brewery
Great Waters Brewing Co.
Herkimer Pub & Brewery
Mantorville Brewing Company
Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
O’Hara’s Brew Pub
Rock Bottom Brewery
Summit Brewing Co.
Surly Brewing Co.

I’ll beg and plea a bit over the next day or two to see if we can’t the okay to share a sampling of what everyone is planning on bringing on Friday. I’m especially excited about tasting Flat Earth’s beer… I have no doubt that the “new” kid on the block will have some tasty beer to share.

Just a reminder that we’re now accepting donations to the MNBeer “I didn’t drop it in the toilet” camera fund. Just think, for as little as $1 you can help a lowly blogger continue to take the photos that he so desperately needs. Imagine the joy on his face as he submits group photos with brewers and drinkers to local magazines (Minnesota Monthly, Mpls.-St. Paul) for their cheezy “out and about” sections. Fundraiser dinner photos? Walker openings? Pshaw! Beer geeks need love, too. So dig deep, brothers and sisters, praise the beer, and give us five bucks so we can shut up already… link at right. Word.

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