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Winterfest… The First in a Series of Posts…

First off, the my camera took a dive over the holidays, first refusing to to switch from camera mode to view and then puking and sputtering before dying. The camera was an older 2 megapixel Canon with a lot of miles. So bring your cameras to Winterfest! In the meantime, to expedite the camera-replacement process, we’ll be adding a donation link to the site. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare (or fifty… whatever really), we’ll gladly take it and spend it on beer to help pay for a new camera. I have a little idea for a photo project for Winterfest, but I don’t want to give it away just yet. Donors, however, will get the scoop first.

Secondly, Brandy wrote to MNBeer looking for one more ticket to Winterfest. If you’ve got one to spare, drop me a line at ryan AT with your information and I’ll pass it on to Brandy. Done!

…and a little note from Dave Berg & the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild:

As Winterfest draws near, just a couple of reminders…if you’re not
going you can quit reading now.

1) Doors open at 6:30. We’ll be busy setting up, so we can’t let people
in early to stay warm. The good news is we’re close to Great Waters this
year, so you can stop in for some food and a beer.

2) The food is an appetizer buffet. I know people get tired of me
saying this, but I’m going to say it again–it is not your dinner. It is
something to snack on while trying the beers.

3) Please show courtesy to your fellow attendees and move out of the way
once you get a beer. If you want to talk to the brewer, at least move to
the side so others can still get beer.

4) Tasting is over at 9:30. By then, all the brewers are tired and want
to pack up and go home. Please try to finish up as soon as possible. We
won’t be kicking you out the door at 9:31, but our license is only valid
until 9:30.

Thanks for supporting Minnesota Breweries and the Guild.


David Berg

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  1. beachscrat says:

    Hey man, that’s what happens when you drop it in toilet. You need to get one of those underwater disposable units, that way if it takes a dive…no worries!

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