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I want one of these shirts…

live_better_thumb.jpgIt’s a small, small world. First – check out three cool Summit t-shirts designed by Minneapolis’ Aesthetic Apparatus. There. Now I can weave a rather short tale into at least a paragraph… I haven’t seen him in a while, but I’ve known Mike from Aesthetic Apparatus since the early 90s when he played in a handful of bands and I wrote for a zine that made fun of said bands (less so for Mike’s bands, but I digress…). Anyway, it’s always cool to see what Mike and Dan are up. Despite my small-world reference, the Summit/AE collaborative shouldn’t really surprise me – after all, the guys used to bring beer over to my office in St. Paul as a bribe for cutting down posters. (I used to work at a printing company and they had some big fancy toys that they’d occasionally let me used unsupervised…) Anyway, go buy a shirt – or better yet, buy me one…

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  1. brook says:

    good beer and good design. yum. i actually bought the light blue one a few weeks ago. they’re on nice american apparel fitted tees. good stuff.

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