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21st Amendment Events in the Twin Cities

There’s been talk about 21st Amendment coming to Minnesota for a while and they’re finally here. Here’s he rundown of festivities from the fine folks at Hohenstein’s…

Friday, November 20th at 4pm at Grumpy’s NE. The fine, fine folks at Grumpy’s NE (home of MNBeer Monday’s) are serving up Beer Can Chicken, 21 Can Salute, Gallagher Can Smash and cans of IPA, Watermelon Wheat as well as limited kegs of Monk’s Blood and Back in Black.

Friday, Nov 20th, 5-8pm at Dennis Brothers. Brewmaster Shaun O’Sullivan will be at the store to share his knowledge, as well as his beer with all who will join. They will also be offering special pricing for this event. Look for IPA, Watermelon Wheat and Monk’s Blood.

Saturday, November 21st, 6-9pm at Mac’s Industrial. Mac’s will be throwing a release party wih cans of IPA and Watermelon Wheat as well as limited taps of Monk’s Blood and Back in Black. Watermelon Wheat will also be on tap and if I follow Corey’s message, the beer will be run through fresh watermelon.

Sunday, November 22nd, 6pm with Gastro Non Grata at The Triple Rock. 21st Amendment will have their IPA and Watermelon Wheat available. Plus it’s f’n Gastro Non Grata, so there are chefs, bands and the like. You should go.


  1. Duke says:

    So does anyone know when it will be available in stores?

  2. beerfan says:

    Watermelon wheat? No thank you!

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