News & Updates

What’s happening in Lucan, you ask?  From the Brau Bros:

Hey Folks,

Things are busy here at the brewery. Looks like we’ll start picking hops today or tomorrow. We’ve got some early Centennials and Hallertauer that are ready to go. Lookin forward to using our new drying oast building. Once harvest gets going, we’ll prep for this year’s Fresh Hop Ale. Literally, they travel about three hundred feet from the hopyard to the kettle in the same day! Look for that to be available for HopFest in Oct. The barley will be swatted this week as well, we’ll let it dry in rows a few days before combining. Another great growing year for the barley. By the way, mark your calendars for Oct 10, as always pheasant opener will be the release date for Ring Neck Braun Ale as well as HopFest 2009.

The pond was dug and shaped on Saturday. It looks awesome, I can’t wait to take my first belly flop, or make my first polar plunge! We anticipate holding about 300,000 gallons of super Lucan run-off for irrigation to the hopyard. Maybe we can hire a skiing squirrel for HopFest?

Carnaval Brazilian Grill in Sioux Falls is hosting a Brau Bros beer dinner on August 6. Chef Tracy has put together a terrific menu and I’m really looking forward to eating good food at this spectacular restaurant. I’ve included a menu.

Purple Sting, a one-only batch of a great summer beer will be kegged later this week. It’s brewed with South Dakota Buckwheat Honey and a hefty amount of malted rye and wheat. A couple dozen kegs as well as a few casks is it; look for it on tap at better watering holes.

The South Dakota Homebrewers Challenge will be wrapping up soon. Get your entries in soon for consideration! Finalists will be judged and winner announced at Sully’s in Brookings on Aug 26. Homebrewers – including MN and IA homebrewers – drop your entries off at the brewery in Lucan if you can’t make it to one of the events. Remember, you have to be judged the winner of a qualifying event, and there are two left; TC Referee-Sioux Falls, SD-August 3rd and Monks House of Ale Repute- Sioux Falls, SD-August 17th. The winner will be brewed and put on tap at all the participating bars and restaurants!

It’s been great seeing everyone make the trip to Lucan to see the brewery, hopyard, and barleypatch. We’re always grateful when people spend their valuable time on the road visiting beautiful southwest MN! If you haven’t been out to see us, give a call or shoot an email.

That’s all I can remember for now, Take Care!