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Northern Brewer Minneapolis Grand Opening

Northern Brewer Minneapolis (6021 S. Lyndale Ave.) has a week full of events and specials to celebrate their Grand Opening. For complete details of the events see –

Minneapolis Grand Opening — April 14th-21st
15% off Starter Kits Sale the whole time

Saturday the 14th: 11am-4pm
Sale: 10% off Blichmann Engineering products.
Event: John Blichmann Day

Sunday the 15th: 11am-4pm
Sale: 15% off Burners & Kettles
Event: Poster artist DWITT & Dead Ringer Collaboration

Monday the 16th: 6pm-7pm
Sale: 15% off Yeast Starter Kits + Wine Kits
Event: Kris England (homebrewer, Pour Decisions Brewing Co.) Talks About Yeast

Tuesday the 17th: 5:30pm-7pm
15% off Fermenters (Carboys, Better Bottles and Pails)
Event: Mead Roundtable with Mead Maker of the Year winners: Curt Stock (2005), Steve Fletty (2007) and Thomas Eibner (2009)

Wednesday the 18th: 5:30pm-7pm
Sale: 15% off Bottles & Closures & Kegging Equipment
Event: Brewing TV Day. Jake, Mike & Chip will be in the house hanging out and offering a discount on all BTV merchandise.

Thursday the 19th: 6-7pm
Sale: 15% off Hops
Event: An Insider’s Look at Hops with Brian Wright

Friday the 20th: 5-7pm
Sale: 15% off Chillers
Event: John Palmer Discussion on The Role of Water

Saturday the 21st: All Day
Sale: 15% off Beer Recipe Kits
Event: Home Brew Appreciation Day

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