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And the winners are….

Thanks to Ryan being on vacation, I was able to attend the awards ceremony for the Summit Beer Movie Contest this past Thursday. It was a great crowd, made better of course by the equally good beer and apps. After an hour of free beer and socializing, they showed the winning films and the honorable mentions (which, in addition to the other entires–almost 50 in all–will be posted on the Social Element in the next few weeks). There are some real gems, so make sure you check ’em out!

The winning films are:

1st place: “No Guts, No Glory” submitted by Ryan Taylor
2nd place: “The Offer” submitted by Tapio Haku
3rd place: “The Bachelor Chef” submitted by Douglas Latimer

Honorable Mentions:

“The Idea” submitted by Colin Silver
“Zombies” submitted by Ken Avidor
“Wanted” submitted by Michael Forstein and Colin Keith Thomsen
“Hey!! That’s Alcohol Abuse” submitted by Jeremy Lockwood
“Root Beer Float” submitted by Ric & Barb Roy
“Rick Hillard on Summit” submitted by Rick Hillard