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And Yet Another Law We Should Probably Change…

Also covered here and here (and others, no doubt).

From their CloudProfile page:

Firkins is also trying to change a Minnesotan liquor law.
Now, we know that this is not even in the same realm as what Surly is trying to do but it is a state liquor law and we have been working on the for a few weeks now. The draft of the Bill was just introduced so now we can tell you all about it. Currently, it is illegal for MN liquor stores to sell apparel of any kind. That is, shirts, jerseys, hats etc. See MN Statute 340A.412 subd. 14. It’s basically a list of items that MN liquor stores can sell. If something’s not on that list we aren’t allowed to sell it. Shirts and other apparel is not on that list. Which is unusual because as you know, breweries are allowed to sell shirts as well as bars here in Minnesota. I figured it was about time somebody did something about that. I contacted Rep Steve Simon here in St. Louis Park and Senator Ron Latz. Both have been very helpful in getting to this point. Rep Simon drafted the Bill and has officially introduced it. Sen Latz will take it from there. At somepoint in March I will go to the capital to testify as to why I believe this will be a good thing for Minnesotan liquors stores. Hopefully this bill (and the one Surly is working on) will be passed and then liquor stores everywhere in MN will be allowed to sell shirts with their own logo and branding on them. In know this may seem like a small thing, but to us and I suspect a lot of other stores, it will make a very big difference. I will be proud to wear a Firkins shirt to a bar, or a Firkins jersey whilst on my bike and I know a few other people too who might like one… Wish us luck! Jason Alvey. The link to the Draft of the Bill is below:


  1. kai says:

    chicago-lake liquors has tshirts, as does east lake liquors

  2. Trav says:

    Kai–4F mentioned on their FB page that many stores do sell shirts currently but are simply ignoring the law. Must not be enforced very heavily.

  3. beckel says:

    Selective enforcement is a fun thing…

  4. Ben says:

    How do the walk the line with something like this so it doesn’t allow places like Walmart and others to sell alcohol?

  5. Dom says:

    This is an amendment to the “exlusive liquor store” language only. Wal-Mart’s welcome to start selling beer and shirts if they want to become an exclusive liquor store.

  6. Ben says:

    Kind of lame that the amendment doesn’t allow for any other name on the clothing other than that of the store. No selling Summit, Deschutes, etc shirts.

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