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Thomas Liquors Cellar List

Thomas Liquors, one of my favorite St. Paul beer haunts, has begun cellaring (is that a word?) some of their beers. Take a look here to see what they have to offer– Samiclaus 3L 2007, Aventinus 2002, Bigfoot 2006, Utopias 2007, Scaldis Prestige, yum!

While clearly a work in progress–as any good cellar is–it’s a great start and will only improve with time. Their beer guy Fitty is a dedicated salesman, and always willing to take a few minutes to discuss the intricacies of, well, beer. Also, be sure to check out their latest edition of The Crush for some good gift ideas for that beer geek on your list.

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  1. Ben says:

    Cool idea. The prices seem a bit steep. Blue Max recently had 2002-2005 Bigfoot for $2.29 a bottle.

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