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Are You Headed to The Beer Dabbler Saturday?

If so, hopefully you have tickets as the event is sold out and Craigslist seems to be full of folks that want tickets. Sadly I’ll be working tomorrow, throwing snowshoes on peoples’ feet at another (beer-less) outdoor event. Even worse? I volunteered myself for the gig. So beer friends, Dabble and dabble some more. Take lots of pictures and be sure to throw the #mnbeer hashtag on your tweets!

In the spirit of Buzzfeed and other list purveyors, here are the 10 things I’ll miss the most about missing Saturday’s Beer Dabbler event:

1. Beer from newcomers Burning Brothers & Day Block Brewing
2. The James Page folks & Osker Blues folks duking it out over who really was the first craft brewery in cans
3. Sims
4. Random dudes wearing horse head mask(s)
5. Beer from our friends in the plans of Fargo & Moorhead, Fargo Brewing Co. & Junkyard Brewing
6. Freezing dude in kilt.
7. Winchfest
8. NateDogs
9. Pelting intoxicated people with snowballs during the World’s Largest Snowball Fight
10. Having a beer with you. Seriously.