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Autumn Brew Review

The media/sponsor row at Autumn Brew Review usually isn’t too lively (barring that keg of Cantilon last year), so we’re attempting to do our part to keep it lively… at least for a half hour or so… If our plans work out, we’re hoping to do a “Name that Minnesota Beer” tasting, with prizes/swag for those who can correctly identify one of several beers. I just put out the request today and have had a few positive responses already, so it will most likely be a go.

Drinkers: Warm up your tastebuds. I’m thinking that we’ll do it at 2pm, so that your ‘buds aren’t burned out yet…

Brewers: I just re-read my e-mail. You’re certainly not required to take part, but people will make fun of you if you don’t.


  1. David Berg says:

    I’m quite used to people making fun of me. What do you offer to insure that Mag does not drink all the beer by himself? Minnesota beer drinkers demand an answer!

  2. Chad says:

    I can not predict that taste buds will still be in decent shape that late in the afternoon. Wow, 2pm. REALLY?

  3. Chad says:

    Oh, and I meant to add “I have no freaking chance to win this freaking tasting contest thing.”

    Or something like that.

  4. ryan says:

    Mag promises to behave… at 2, anyway.

    Chad – don’t think of it as a serious contest. We’re just going to have fun with this, more than anything.

  5. Gordon says:

    There was a keg of Cantilon last year!?
    I missed that one 🙁

  6. Chris L. says:

    I was fortunate to be able to try the Cantilon-yum!

  7. Mag says:

    Dave, the size of my beer belly may be intimidating, but I really am a light-weight. Your daughters…er, your beers are safe with me!

  8. Greg says:

    Anyone have any extra tickets for ABR? I’d be willing to part with a bottle of Surly Two in exchange for a pair of tickets 🙂

  9. Ben says:

    Greg: There was one ticket up for sale on one of the homebrew group email lists this morning but it went within minutes. I think people may have to resort to places like Craigs List (and the stupidly high prices people are asking) at this point. I know at least 6 people looking for tickets at this point.

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