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Autumn Brew Review review in Strib

I don’t know if he was there on the Strib’s dime or not, but click to read Chris Riemenschneider’s take on ABR.


  1. Bock Boy says:

    What I like about this article is that 3 or 4 years ago, this event didn’t get any publicity/reviews in the paper. In the last year or 2 it has, but it’s been more of a “Hey – look at all these people drinking all these crazy beers” type article. I thought this one was nice in that it actually talked about the flavor profiles of many of the beers.

  2. al says:

    I don’t know if he was on their coin, either, but he has been responsible for some beer coverage over the years, but the nightlife scene writer, and now the sex columnist joined in. I saw him hanging out with Tom Horgen, who I said a quick “hi” to…I’ve poured Reimenschneider a pint or two in years past, but never introduced myself.

    It’s really great that such reporting is happening in the press. This is Chris’ second post-ABR reporting. It only served to remind me of what great beers I didn’t check out!
    Not sure why he said it would be so hard to find Darkness, though. Should be easier than ever this year.

  3. al says:

    I meant to say “before the nightlife writer and sex columnist…”., etc…me and my weird selective dyslexia.

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