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Cheesy Collaboration

A couple of MNBeer geeks had a chance to attend a private cheese release at Summit Brewery last evening.  The purpose of this release was to present and taste Winter Blues, a cheese made in collaboration between Faribault Dairy Co. (producers of Amablu lines of cheese) and Summit.  “How does this diabolical union come to be,” you ask!?  Amablu’s St. Pete’s Select blue cheese was bathed in Summit’s Winter Ale for several weeks and, I’m not a science guy but hang with me, apparently the cheese mold gets a bit tipsy, throws a few parties, puts the obligatory lamp-shade on its head, all from the safe confines of a bomb-proof complex of caves.  The result is a very creamy, sensational blue cheese.

“That’s all good and well, Mag, but why are you telling us?”  Good question.  The good folks and Lunds and Byerly’s are going to attempt to single-handedly pull our economy out of this recession by selling Winter Blues in all Lunds and Byerly’s stores starting on February 20th.  And they’re gonna do this without TARP money.  Additionally, Winter Blues will be showcased in a Lunds and Byerly’s catered beer dinner at Summit on March 4 (see the previous post).

Well done folks, truly.

And my thanks goes out to Mark, Carey and the folks at Summit for allowing us to join you.  Cheers!

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