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Barley John’s Seasonals

You may have already seen these, but here’s a rundown on the current seasonals at Barley John’s.

Rosie’s Old Ale (14% abv): While she came in with a lower alcohol percentage than the last incarnation, we still gave her the royal treatment and aged her an extra year in Bourbon Barrels – a fermenting time of 8 months and a total aging time of 2 years. Served in a 6oz Bourbon glass, this beer pushes the envelope of “beer” and harkens more towards a fine Sherry or Port – and is served as such. Intense vinous aromatics with a lusciously sweet background, brilliant clarity and that familiar warming tone from the elevated abv%. Rosie’s is truly a beer to experience.

Raspberry Red Ale (5.6% abv): We took a stab at a fruit beer and decided to celebrate the more astringent end of the Raspberry – a tart and hoppy Raspberry Ale that is not surrounded by the typical sweetness overkill that can overwhelm most fruit beers. Starting with a hoppy Red Ale base, we introduced the raspberry while it was aging resulting in a somewhat tart and aggressive fruit beer experience.