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Beer author Hoverson to be on this week’s TPT Almanac show

Local beer historian and author Doug Hoverson will be on this week’s Almanac on Twin Cities Public Television. The show broadcasts Friday at 7pm and is rebroadcast Saturday at 1am and Sunday morning at 9:30am. Hoverson is the author of the newly released Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota.


  1. dave murrin says:

    my grandfather was Matt Pitzl . His family picture was in the book. Can I get a hold or Doug Hoverson I would like to get or make copies of the picture.

  2. al says:

    does anyone know if that segment is on their website?

    I was gonna buy that book today, but I remembered I’d just spent $75 on old art books, and thought I should wait a bit…

  3. TruthBrew says:


    If you email me (my username @, I can get you in contact with Doug.


    I have a copy of the segment coming to me soon. I can let you borrow it. I am also working to get rebroadcast permission for

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