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Beer Can Appreciation Tonight at Grumpy’s NE

On January 24th, 1935, the first can of beer was sold. Hence, a bit of a celebration is taking place at Grumpy’s NE tonight.

This event is intended to bring all of us together who brew, and the rest of the beer community to all raise a pint to our beloved canned beers, help spread comradery in the craft world, as well as raise awareness to the awesomeness that is, craft beer in a can. Special appearances by 21st Amendment, Surly, Dave’s Brew Farm, and more!

This event is sponsored by The Beer Dabbler, The Onion, Tallgrass, and every brewer that rocks the can of beer…cheers!

…and a little Tallgrass trivia…Rob from Tallgrass mentioned that they recently purchased six of Summit’s old 60bbl tanks and started using them about a week ago. Add in the fact that the folks from Surly helped them acquire their canning line and I’d say we have a regular Minnesota connection!

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