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Big Beer, MiniKiss = Beer Dabbler In Sioux Falls

This weekend the Beer Dabbler tour is hitting Sioux Falls.  The beer tasting runs from 1-5 and there are events to follow.  But hey, who cares what I say.  I damn near sunk the whole program ’cause I’m an idiot.  Anyway, head to the Beer Dabbler site for a listing of beers, sponsors, other tour dates/locales, etc.  Now, if a Sioux Falls beer tasting doesn’t get you off your butt, let me spice this up a bit.  MiniKiss will be providing the entertainment (I’m guessing after the beer tasting, but don’t know for sure).  Yeah, that’s right.  MiniKiss.  Not to be mistaken with Tiny Kiss.  This is the real deal, folks.  If this beer tasting doesn’t yield stories that can be told for years, then I don’t know what would.