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Black Forest Inn Oktoberfest Events

2010 Oktoberfest Events
as of 8/12/10

Prost! Night
Friday, September 24
The best way to start Oktoberfest is with a toast! Celebrate fall, beer, and each other with a toast.
Alphorns, celebrity keg tapper, and Burlesque round out the opening night fun.

Decadent Weimar Republic Kabarett Night
Saturday, September 25
The Weimar Republic was home to the artistic avant garde of Europe.They lit up the night with cabarets, concerts, performances and parties.
Le Cirque Rouge Performs at 10pm

German Chocolate Night
Sunday, September 26
We’r e not talking about some gooey cake invented by a guy in St. Louis – this is the real stuff. Rich, creamy, sweet German candy. Try a Beer & chocolate combo! Have a kaffeeklatch with cake & coffee! Win German candy prizes!

The Wurst Night of Oktoberfest (or The Offal Night of Oktoberfest)
Monday, September 27
The brat bar returns, but with new options! Have some pickled tongue or marinated heart. The Germans love it all, from the nose to the tail. Prize for the most adventurous eater!

Home Brew Night
Tuesday, September 28
Five accomplished brewers pit their best beers against each other. And you are going to decide whose brew rules Oktoberfest! Free to all dining customers, the sampler comes with descriptions and a ballot.
Beer sampling and voting begins at 6:30pm
Best Home Brew Prize awarded at 9pm

Grimm Night
Wednesday, September 29
In our Forest, we’ve got food & beer. In other forests, magic and mystery lurk. Join us for a celebration of creatures and cures, of witches to watch out for and the monster within us. Don’t forget to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way home again…
Schlager Night
Thursday, September 30
Uh-oh, der Kommisar’s in town! German music went top 40 in the 80s and we are totally going to release 99 Red Balloons.

David Hasselhoff Night
Friday, October 1
We honor Mr. Hoff-tastic himself tonight (He’s big in Germany!) The main event is the giveaway of an array of excellent un-Hoffingly-believable prizes.

Desperate Hausfrau Night
Saturday, October 2
What makes a Desperate Hausfrau? Come to the restaurant tonight to find out! See all the interpretations of Desperate Hausfrau and vote for your favorite. We will have a surprise celebrity judge, too!

Drain the Keg Night
Sunday, October 3
We don’t want to lug any barrels home with us after the party so we’re going to start dropping the price of beer at 2pm and keep dropping it until the beer is gone. Seriously.


  1. Ben says:

    Still have my Hasselhoff belt buckle I won at Hasselhoff Night a couple years ago.

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