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Bob DuVernois Joins Excelsior Brewing Co.

Excelsior Brewing Co. has announced that  Bob DuVernois would be joining their staff as head brewer. Congrats to both! Minnesota craft beer geeks may know Bob (and his beers) through his time at Great Waters in St. Paul and Hops (closed) in Eden Prairie.

Excelsior has primary plans of launching by Memorial Day. More info as it becomes available!


  1. Mag says:

    So, who’s running the show at Great Waters now?

  2. Duke says:

    A burly bearded guy in Carharts.

  3. Jonny says:

    “A burly bearded guy in Carharts.”

    Sleeve tats? Check! Plugs? Check! Listens to early Neurosis and the occasional King Diamond? Check! I think that narrows it down sufficiently, and it could be any one of 100,000 young brewers ; )

    But seriously, folks… Congratulations to Bob D!

  4. Scott McGerik says:

    I was told that Chad, the assistant brewer, will be taking over. He has been doing a lot of the brewing lately and most of the beers I drank last night were brewed by him. They were all good.

    I’m sad to see Bob leave but, since he is just moving across town, that means I have another place to drink good beer!

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