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Brasa Darkest Day of the Year

Brasa St. Paul brings you their Winter Solstice event.

Cultures from all around the globe celebrate our Earth’s maximum axial tilt in late December in their own unique ways — Brasa wants to start our own tradition. We will be celebrating the Winter Solstice with a party at Brasa St. Paul on December 21st, 2010.

Cold beer, hot food, and live music from The Midnight Mo Experience and Big Trouble! to keep you warm on winter’s longest night. We will be tapping several limited release brews and Brasa’s kitchen has some awesome seasonal specialties in mind.

With your $15 admission you will get SIX (food/beer) tickets to spend however you wish. One ticket will be worth one 5 oz sample of any beer or a small plate of food.


Masa Cake with Roasted Squash and Mole
Chopped Brisket Slider with Pickles and Onion
Smoked Crispy Chicken Wings with Preserved Citrus and Chili Sauce
Chocolate Torte Squares with Pecan Praline


Surly Darkness
Bell’s Christmas Ale
Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale
Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Firkin of Summit Oatmeal Stout

Whatever the solstice means to you, come celebrate with us! Sponsored in Part by the Beer Dabbler.

Tickets on Sale Now @

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  1. Ben says:

    Any idea which of the SN 30th Anniversary beers will be pouring?

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