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Brau Bros Update

Good things are brewing at Brau Bros….

Hello from Lucan,

First off, thanks for all the support! Our coolers are almost empty and we’re busting butts around here just to keep up.

I’m very excited to introduce the Single Batch Series of beers. These beers will literally be produced in as little as a single batch. However, despite the small production runs, they will see store shelves. I don’t want to do seasonals, if I want to make Wit in December or Imperial Stout in June, I reserve the right.

Our first release is a double nut braun ale called Ring Neck Braun Ale. It will be released on October 13, pheasant hunting opener. At over 6.5%ABV, it’s sizeable, dry and fruity with hints of almond and raspberry but dry like a walnut. Fun ale and perfect for late fall!

We are producing under 900 cases and 32 kegs for this initial ale. We are preselling this beer on a first-come first-serve basis. Over 70% is spoken for, so please contact us if you would like our reps to be extra pushy with your favorite retailer!

We are going to pour a single quarter barrel at the ABR, that will be the ONLY event it will be sampled at. I’ve got the next couple of Single Batch Series beers planned, but I’d love to hear suggestions or ideas.

As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email!

Dustin Brau
CEO, Brewer, Middle Brother
Brau Brothers Brewing Co,
Lucan, MN

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  1. skypilot says:

    from Dustin on BA

    “We’re going to release a cellarable version of our scotch ale in early december, just a few 750ml bottles.

    Then in Jan we will release a Belgian ale, it will be called “Frame Straightener” – we will have details at the ABR.

    I’m contemplating an Irish Stout for a mid-march release, but that’s just a thought.

    Maybe we should do a non-trad beer for this summer. RIS or dubbel? We would have to start working on one now.”

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