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Brau Brothers Update

…an update from the Bros. Brau…

Hey every, sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been extremely busy in the brewery! Brau Brothers is now available in over 140 locations spanning most of the southern part of the state. I’ve received hundreds of emails asking where to find our beers in the metro area. I’m happy to report we are starting to scratch the southern part of the metro. By the end of the week, MGM Liquor Warehouse in Bloomington (629 W 98th St) will carry all 5 styles! In addition, we will be there Friday, March 23 from 4-7 PM pouring samples. Please check out our website for the nearest retailer so you can find us! Thanks to all of our long time supporters for literally putting Lucan on the map!

Dustin Brau (Middle Brother)
Brau Brothers Brewing Company
Lucan MN pop 220


  1. Ben says:

    It’d be helpful if the “Where to buy” link on their website didn’t throw an ASP error. “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

  2. beachscrat says:

    All of the MN Beer readers must’ve crashed their server 🙂

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