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BrauFest June 5th & 6th and Other News

‘zup yo?!  This be a shout-out from our homies at Brau Bruthas.  I like edited it a bit you know to save space and to like only like provide distilled content you know.  Take note of the mad happenin’s on June 5-6…or should I say hoppenins?  Peace!

Looking to put this year’s barley in the ground in the next couple days.  We have used quite a bit of last year’s harvest already, and as always, we’re saving a bunch for some 100% estate beers, like Fresh Hop.  The hops are up, and I’ve found shoots from each of our eleven varieties.  The highest is probably about four to six inches high.  If the paths are dry enough, we may start stringing the hopyard as early as tomorrow.  It’s always a good feeling when that job is done for the year.  I’ll get some hopyard pics this weekend and post them.  If you haven’t already visited, make sure to plan a trip out here this summer to see the brewery, hopyard, and barley patch. You really get a sense of where your beer comes from, and what it’s made of.
We shipped our first Old 56 Light Beer to South Dakota last week.  So far, the feedback has been terrific, and I’d appreciate any thoughts on the beer.  Old 56 is a light beer we brewed for years at the BrauHaus in Lucan for the local crowd.  After numerous requests for a package suitable for “export”, we began bottling Old 56 a couple months ago.  It is now available in 12 packs at insanely reasonable prices.  For the record, it is not a 56 calorie beer.  Old 56, The Fire Truck, is safely parked in the brewery’s parking lot, undergoing extensive restoration.  It will someday soon become our “tapster on wheels”, available for events.  We’re still searching for a talented artist willing to give it a killer custom paint job for beer. 
Save the date, June 5-6 is BrauFest in Lucan!  Ball tourney, Bean Bag Toss, City-wide street dance, brewery open-house, and most importantly, beer.  I’ll send out a flyer as the date gets closer.  The Brewery’s Beer Garden is still under construction, so on premise camping and bonfire will probably have to wait a year, however we strongly recommend coming out and drinking some beer with us as well as check out the town. 
Also, April 15th, I’ll be in Glencoe for a Brau Bros Beer Dinner at Gert & Erma’s.  Dinner starts at 6pm, smart talk starts soon after.  If you’re in the area, and never been to a beer dinner, I highly recommend it.  They’re great intimate settings for learning about beer and food, and it’s always a laid back affair where you will feel comfortable asking questions. 
Congrats to Iowa on their new beer laws!  We’re already looking forward to sending RainWater down there next winter.  We also have something in the fermenters for later this spring – big, juicy, and dark.  Details to follow…
Have you tried a Black Sheep yet?  Cream Stout layered on SheepHead.  It’s my new favorite thang.

Here’s the afore mentioned flyer.


  1. Eric says:

    Maybe you should let your wife do the posting. Homie.

  2. Mag says:

    Eric, are you saying my efforts towards “speaking” like our young 21 year old friends is inaccurate? What, pray tell, is the vulgar vernacular of today’s of-age youth?

  3. Jason B says:

    Nah, it was good. It reminded me of a scene from Gran Torino. Now get your ofay paddy ass on down the road.

  4. Eric says:

    Try to limit it to 140 characters next time!

  5. Jason B says:

    I went to the Glencoe event tonight. Except for a miscommunication with regards to who was actually providing the beer for the dinner (nothing a beer run to Hutchinson couldn’t solve – thanks Mary!), it was a nice evening with a good group of craft beer lovers out here in the west hinterlands between the metro and what may as well be Yellowstone for the metrocentric. 😉 And as always at such events, I learned a lot of stuff, like why I’ve furthered my dumbassitude looking for the ABV on a Minnesota bottle, among other things (the Whirly Bird label; based on true events!).

    Pairings were an apple-walnut salad with Old 56, chicken pasta with a creamy tomato sauce with Sheep Head and cheesecake with the Cream Stout. Mmmm, Sheep Head.

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