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Brief Update from Brau Bros.

braubrothers.jpgBelow is a brief update (links removed) found on the Brau Bros. website (and no, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the site out yourself).  Lucan (pronounced “loo-can” – they notice if you pronounce it wrong apparently : ) ) is a bit off the beaten path for many of us, but they make it up to the Cities for tastings periodically.  There will be Brau Bros. tastings at Wine Street Spirits in Bloomington and Blue Max in Burnsville this Sat., 4/12  Check out Brau Bros. schedule of events for more details.

April 2, 2008
This Friday we will be tapping the first ever cask-conditioned ale from Brau Bros! Our very own local pub, the BrauHaus will host the event. At about 6:30 pm we will start serving a dry-hopped firkin of Brau Pale Ale – I’ll be pouring the pints. I believe pints are only $2. I know the BrauHaus is looking to make cask beer a regular on “Firkin Fridays”. Beth, thanks for the heads-up on a couple blog entries mentioning Brau Bros, here: and here:.It’s always great to hear from people who pronounce “Lucan” correctly on the first try.
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