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Cask Surly at the Happy Gnome

I’m not sure if I’ll be present, but Surly will have a cask of Bender at the Happy Gnome Wednesday night as part of a kick-off for the introduction of cask beer at the Happy Gnome.

Get Tea-Bagged for free tomorrow! Come on down to the Happy Gnome in St.
Paul, Wednesday the 27th, to grab a free glass of Surly’s Bender Beer on
Cask. This little guy has been sitting on a pound of Amarillo hops for a
couple weeks and should be crowd pleaser. We are at the Happy Gnome to help
kick off their cask beer program. To help celebrate, the Gnome is giving a
pair of tickets away to our Anniversary dinner coming up on the 10th of
January. For our 1st Anniversary Dinner, all our beers should be available,
Bender, Furious, Coffee Bender, Darkness, Bourbon Bender and our newest beer – one.

In addition to the cask of Bender, Coffee Bender will be on tap tomorrow.
Tapping happens at 9:00, show up early to get a free drink ticket.

Who’s going?