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City Pages’ Artist of the Year: Omar Ansari

I’ve had a hard time keeping my mouth shut for a week, but thankfully CP has let the cat out of the bag and announced their Artists of the Year…  GIf I was a swearing man, I’d say, “Fucking A, This Guy Deserves It,” but I don’t swear (…in front of my mom), so I’ll just let you know that Omar Ansari (and Surly Brewing, by proxy) was picked as one of City Pages’ Artists of the Year. Go Minnesota! Go beer!


  1. Trav says:

    Omar deserves it, hes a good guy and makes one hell of a tasty brew! I’ll have to make it the Gnome tonight to say congrats and have some free Bender….

  2. al says:

    That Todd Haug fella’s a pretty handy artiste, as well.

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