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Pre ABR Events

When Corey at Hohensteins clarified to me that the “pile of stuff” he was sending to us was in fact a “$hitload” of events to post, we clearly underestimated the sheer volume of events. If you live near a bar or restaurant, it’s highly likely something is happening there in the days leading up to Autumn Beer Review this Saturday.

Whether a full fledged beer dinner or simply the tapping of a unique keg, you can find the full listing of events here.  Please note that some of the events on the MnBeer calendar are duplicative.

Look for the ABR  program, including tasting seminars and tours, to be posted soon.


  1. corey says:

    There is a slight change on the Pracna promo on Friday. No flights and they will be tapping a keg of Nemesis not a 2009 Expo Stout.



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