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Cask Two Hearted Two for Ones at the Blue Nile

Pulled from BA:

Okay, folks, Tuesday, April 14, at the Blue Nile, there will be a little mini family re-union of the McCarty clan (that’s my family), various cousins and such that I haven’t seen for years, meeting up with me and my siblings. (I have a large family, if you didn’t know.)

Well, Tuesdays are sometimes slow in the afternoons, so to liven in up and lure in the beery kind (you guys!)..a firkin of Two Hearted Ale, and the usual 2-4-ones apply. Have a Surly 16 Grit, get a cask Two hearted on us!

It’ll be on til it’s gone…but the 2-4-1’s is the usual time, 4-6, & 8-10pm,

thanks, and