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D-Day Update

SurlyCheck out the latest update on Surly’s Darkness Day…

Lets talk about D-Day. That’s the day we will be selling 750 ML bottles of Darkness at the brewery on October 25th. Here is the latest info…
• We will open the brewery gates at noon on the 25th.
• The first 700 people can purchase up to 6 bottles of Darkness.
• Cost is gonna be $100 for 6 bottles. Tax included and cash only.
• We’ll have some bands.
• Food and beer for sale at the brewery.
• Under 21 welcome with parents.
• If you are not one of the first 700, you can still come in and enjoy the scene.
• We will not hold spots for people nor will we ship any Darkness.
• Darkness will not be sold at any liquor stores.
• Darkness will be released the following week on draft.
• Doors close at 6:30, please line up a ride or taxi. We want you to get home safe.Details may change! Make sure you check the website as we lead up to the big day.


  1. Drew says:

    Congratulations to Surly for getting enough hardcore fans to make this profitable…but I look forward to having my yearly glass on draft. $100 bucks for a six-pack of 22s of Surly is far, far beyond my price range.

  2. cog says:

    OK, so how early will we have to get there to be one of the first 700 people? Any thoughts?

  3. Steve says:

    Baa baa Surly sheep
    have you any sense?
    “No sir, no sir
    we’re so dense!”

    Cloying and treacly
    Darkness ain’t no feat.
    Dirty dirty ditchwater
    would be a better treat.

  4. surly brewer says:

    Homebrewer and now a poet!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Patrick says:

    Do I think It’s pure crazyness? Absolutely!

    Do I wish this enthusiasm would extend to other craft beers? Absolutely!

    $100 a six pack might be a bit extreme, but if the wine guys can do it, why shouldn’t the beer guys be able to?

  6. Bill says:

    Is $100 really that much for 6 750’s? I mean that comes out to like $16.99 a bottle. That’s how much Rogue XS series sells for.
    I am excited. People can call me a sheep, but I am looking forward to a fun day and meeting some out of towners.

  7. Greg says:

    Wow, why all the angst towards beer and local business? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to drink it. As for myself, I dig the Darkness!

  8. don says:

    Does anyone know if we can bring beers to pour and share (in the parking lot? inside?) ala Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds? At that event people come from all over and bring beers that perhaps you can’t easily get in your locale. It looks like a fun time of trying many different things, at least according to the YouTube vids.

    Do we need to have this “sheep/it’s not that good” discussion again? 🙂

  9. Chad says:

    Yay! Fark beer snob thread!

    But on Mnbeer? I am so confused.

  10. Duke says:

    Um thats 16.66 a bottle. THE SIGN OF THE BEAST!!!

  11. al says:

    Hey, fellas…since when has a half-dozen 750ml bottles been referred to as a “6-pack”?
    I’d call it a case.

  12. Ben says:

    Don: I’d save the trading for the Stub & Herbs trading and RIS party the night before.

  13. Greg says:

    Hey Ben:

    Do you know any details about this? Can we really bring beers into a bar to trade?

  14. Jon from Stub's says:


  15. Jon from Stub's says:

    You have to wait to drink them until you get on the bus to the Surly Brewery(leaves Stub’s at Midnight) or until you get home.

    Parting on the bus until the sun comes up is the better way to do it. If you ask me.

  16. Jon from Stub's says:


    I am a bad speller as well as a surly sheep.

  17. Jono says:

    Baaaaa, baaaaa… guess I’m one of the sheep!

  18. surly brewer says:

    FYI-Surly prefers “GOAT ARMY” to sheep

  19. Dan O'Leary says:

    I’m not under the impression you Have to buy 6 bottles. Some comments suggest so, but Surly says “…up to 6 bottles of Darkness.” I’m only planning on buying two bottles. At $16.66 a bottle, that seems pretty reasonable.

  20. I was lucky enough to have this brew last year at the Gnome and Firkin fest. Get it if you can, if you can’t I hope you have a friend who shares.

    What’s with all the hostility anyway? Isn’t there enough brew love to go around? I got it, group hug…who’s in?

  21. surly brewer says:

    IN! 😉

  22. Steve says:


    As a brewer do you want genuine feedback on the beer you make or just blind loyalty?

    To make a long story short, I did tease the Surly crowd a bit an yank their chains, but I was also insulted by the brewer and told that I should just blindly support Minnesota beer, I was told to “Shut the eff up.”, and called all sorts of things just for saying I did not think Darkness is very good (way too sweet) or that Surly is one of the best brewery in the country, as ranked by Beer Advocate at the time.

    If you just have a bunch of yes men, saying everything you do is great, how do you get any better?

  23. I do agree that constructive criticism will only make us better at our craft and encourage it.

    However, think about what we do, we create, drink and love craft brews. Everyone is entiled to their opinion but lets be careful in how we convey it. Brewing is hard work and brewers are “probably” a little over sensitive when it comes to their craft. To some of us it’s tant amount to insulting someone in our family. Those in the craft brewing industry and those who love craft brews need to stick together. So what do you guys say…group hug, I know surly brewers IN!

    Oh, and by the way my birthday is Oct. 25th and I’m asking for a mega six-pack of Surly Darkness…Who wants to share one after our group hug.

    Anyone? Anyone?

  24. al says:

    you didn’t “just say” that you didn’t like Darkness. That was the least of your comments. You began by insulting everyone who wanted to buy bottles of Darkness, and the brewery, and everyone who supports Surly, by calling them Sheep” or “lemmings”…or whatever. You didn’t just state a personal opinion, your posts were more about “those idiots will do anything for Surly!” Don’t act all cute and innocent now.
    I guess you can look it up again if you want to refresh yourself.
    And,yeah, I think I told you to shut up, but, hey, man, you just wouldn’t shut up.


  25. Kris says:

    I like Al, for many reasons. Al, you should join the group hug.

  26. Steve says:


    I know exactly what happened. I copped to the fanboy chain yanking.

    I’m sorry people took the teasing the wrong way. I’m not sorry for not falling in with the knee-jerk group think or for being able to make up my mind on a beer without seeing what everyone at BA or RB thinks.

  27. Bill says:

    Hey Dan O’Leary,
    Can Ihave your other 4 bottles of Darkness? I will give you the money. Thanks in advance.
    I like the term goat better than sheep. Goats are pretty dope.

  28. al says:

    Okay, here i come, in for the hug!

    But, to be clear, you can have your opinions…but the main point was your opinion of other people.

    Fanboy, shmanboy. We each fly whatever flags we feel like, and there’s no need to go insulting someone for his particular stars or stripes.

    Dislike Darkness all day long, but don’t knock on people because they do like it, or for what they do to get their hands on some.

  29. Steve says:


    I’ve been drinking good beer, not macro swill, probably longer than most Surly fans have been out of daipers.

    OK, I’ll grant you my attempt to poke fun at the devotion of Surly fans came across wrong. Gee…anyone ever mis-read an email? Noooooooo…that NEVER happens!

    On the other hand, there is a large degree of marketing that some have bought into.

    I do (Ooooh I’m so hip I drink Surly) and don’t (the beers are good NOT great) understand the devotion.

    What I don’t understand is how people can get so worked up when someone says, “Enh, not so much.” about Darkness.

    Get a life. It’s just beer. Not life or death. Or having your kid sent to Irag.

  30. al says:

    What I don’t understand is how people can get so worked up when someone says, “Enh, not so much.” about Darkness.

    You’re going to have to show some sources here. Who got worked up?

    If it was “just beer” you wouldn’t pipe up every time someone mentioned Darkness to give your opinion.

  31. Eric says:

    Maybe Steve and Al should discuss this over a glass of Darkness.

  32. al says:

    Yeah, maybe…though he already declared that he will never enter my bar and spend money because of “my behavior on this site.” Sheesh! Pot, meet kettle. And I ain’t joining nobody for a $9 Darkness at the Happy Gnome!

    I don’t really want to keep dragging this one, but one final thing I have to contend with…”there’s a large deal of marketing that some have bought into..”
    You can buy into it, sure, but once you drink the beer, and you like it, it becomes more than marketing. Obviously, Steve, you like the products of other breweries. Some amount of marketing brought you to them. Anything that drives a consumer to a product, in any way, is a kind of marketing. Once you taste it, and you like it, and you keep buying it…is it still marketing that drives you? Have you “bought into it?” No, the product has proven itself, and you now identify with it, and promote it, through your purchase, or through talking with friends and associates, based on it’s merits.

    Think what you want about Surly, but I think you are wrong, and your opinion is largely conjecture, but my experience with the brand is concrete. I have been serving Surly beers at the Blue Nile for 2 years and eight months now, if anyone is counting (obviously…I just did..)…and I swear to God, you like it or you don’t, but no one is drinking it to look cool. That’s what PBR is for.

    Now, some hate, and some love, and some think “it’s okay”…but, I pour Surly beers every single day, (except on my days off, when I have someone else pour me one, or pour myself one at home) sometimes to my regulars, sometimes to diners I’ll never speak to, sometimes to random folks who wander in…very often pwople are trying Surly for the first time, without every hearing of it, or knowing of any kind of “hype”…all the see is it’s name on our menu. If it’s at the bar, they look at a tap handle, they ask me about it, I give them a sample, they like it, (or not) they ask for more. That’s how it works, in the real world. They may not like it, so what, life goes on. But I have met more people who really enjoy their Surlys, whether Furious, Bender, Cynic, Darkness, Fest or other, and when I see them express their enjoyment, they are not being hypnotized by the tap handle or the coaster or the logo on the glass or anything magic emblem you may imagine is twisting their thought processes.
    But no one choses to drink a Surly at my bar, or any other, because it makes them look or feel cool. They do it because they like to.
    You think “good, not great”. So, what? Maybe that’s good enough? Why slice these degrees of opinion so fine and fuss about them? People in the Twin Cities are getting excited about Good Local Beer, and that’s a damn good thing we should all celebrate.
    You don’t like Surly as much as you like Summit? Great, fine, then bang their drum all the louder, just don’t go concocting weird-ass theories about the brain-washed Surly masses.
    Or…am I brainwashed. too?
    No, just fed up. I need another Furious. Just to feel cool, I guess.

  33. rob says:

    So what do you guys think would be a good time to show up?

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