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Dark Horse tastings and tappings.

As posted earlier, Dark Horse rideth again into Minnesota!  Dark Horse will be having 3 launch parties this week + 3 in-store tastings.  Mike Earnheart will be at all these events to meet people and answer questions.:

Blue Max: Wednesday, November 12th, 5-7pm.

The Happy Gnome: Wednesday, November 12th, 8-10pm. Release Party!

Heritage Liquor: Thursday November 13rh, 5 – 7pm. Must register ahead of time.

Stub and Herbs: Thursday November 13th, 7:30 – 10pm. Release Party!

Princeton’s Liquors: Friday, November 14th, 5 – 7pm. 6 packs $7.99, 4 packs $5.99.

Buster’s on 28th: Friday, November 14, 8-10pm. Release Party!

 Tap Line Up for All 3 Parties:
Crooked Tree IPA
Amber Ale
Reserve Special Black Bier
Raspberry Ale
Sapient Trip Ale
Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
One Oatmeal Stout

By the way, Grumpy’s in Roseville will be getting a keg of Scotty Karate on Wednesday also.

[ed: Thanks to Joe from JJ Taylor for the extra info. Apologies for me (ryan) being such a slacker on this.]


  1. Eric says:

    Maybe if you spent as much time at instead of your supposed “real job” these sort of mishaps wouldnt be so frequent :0

  2. ryan says:

    Lol. If only paid the real cash money my friend…

  3. Kris says:

    Someday, someday…

  4. Eric says:

    Stop being so breathless about Dark Horse. Geez. 😉

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