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Darkness 2013 Artwork

This year’s artwork for Surly Darkness comes from the hands of Josh “Jawsh” Lemke. Check it out.

Surly Darkness 2013 label

From the bottle:

“Brewcifer Lord of Darkness”
From the depths of the Brewhouse he arises! Enveloped in raging flames, his shadowy visage commands submission ot the dark nectar in his goblet. Brewcifer holds before you a massively opaque black brew with notes of chocolate, coffee,d ried tart cherries and rasins. The thick body of this Russian Imperial Stout finishes sweet, with a piny resinous hope character.

Brewcifer commands that you enjoy this creation in a tulip glass, to capture the comple aromas and flavors. Brewcifer would suggest that you share with a friend. Brewcifer doesn’t want you to e a jerk.

Each year, we select a different artist to create a Darkness-inspired monstrosity. This year’s fiery creature is from the dark imagination of local artist Josh “Jawsh” Lemke.

Omar Ansari  Todd Haug