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$even Corners Parking Ramp

Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, but I noticed that the Seven Corners Parking Ramp (adjacent to Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery) isn’t as cheap as I remember. Dawn and I stopped in for a beer and a growler exchange and ended up paying $5 for about an hour of parking. In the past, we’ve paid a buck or two to park for about an hour. Thankfully, bike parking is still free near TH. 🙂


  1. Andy W says:

    That ramp, the ones over by the Guthrie, and a few others were sold by the city to some private concern. The prices at the Guthrie ramps went up from $4 to $5 for a day.

  2. Ben says:

    Wow that sucks. I use to park there all the time when I was down there. The last couple times I’ve gotten lucky and got meter parking. Its a bit cheaper as they only run til 6 but that ramp was great. First Town Hall raises their prices again and now this. I’m gonna need a second job soon.

  3. mag says:

    I think the prices were jacked a few months ago. Given the parking challenges in the area, yeah, the price increase sucks.

  4. Trav says:

    Agreed. Sucks. I have had to pay to park just to run in for 10 mintues and fill a growler. They need “growler only” parking spots.

  5. Ben says:

    I didn’t think they charged you if it’s just for a couple minute? I recall once or twice when I’ve gone in and grabbed a growler quick and they didn’t charge me. Maybe I just got lucky and had a nice attendant?

  6. ryan says:

    Maybe the new owners of the lot aren’t so generous. Next time just pretend you’re lost?

    This won’t keep me from TH, but it will probably make me be a little more vigilant about where I park if I drive to TH.

  7. John Quast says:

    I was at Town Hall last night for dinner with my wife and had the same experience. We were there for just over an hour and paid $5 to park. Considering how close it is to downtown, I don’t consider that highway robbery, but I was annoyed because the old pricing sign is still up at the entrance. When I pulled in I made a point of looking at it since I had read Ryan’s post, and is said “$1 for 1/2 hour, $2 for 1 hour…” When I pulled out I was charged the higher price. I’m normally pretty feisty about these sorts of things, but I decided that the guy working in the unheated pay booth at 10 PM on a Saturday night probably wasn’t responsible for the price increase or ordering a new sign, and he probably didn’t have the authority to change the price the computer told him to charge. It also didn’t seem that English was his strong suit, and the chances were that my arguments about unfair pricing practices would be lost on him.

  8. Dan Smith says:

    The lot across the street behind Bullwinkle’s is $3 all day, and the lot next door to that (towards 35w) is $2.50 all day.

    Still cheaper than the per hour by the holiday inn, and you don’t have to rush out.

    Cheers friends!

  9. ryan says:

    Dan — thanks for the tip!

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