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Art Car Heather Presents: 3rd Thursday Poetry Open Mic and Pop Up Museum

Art Car Heather Presents: 3rd Thursday Poetry Open Mic and Pop Up Museum


11/19/15 - 11/20/15    
12:00 am


Sidhe Brewing Company
652 Jenks Ave, St Paul, MN, 55106

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Each month we will have a Pop Up Museum at the Open Mic. Pop Up Museums are not a new idea, but this may be the first one in MN! Basically the idea is to bring down an object that can reasonably displayed on a table that relates to the theme.

Example: June’s them is “Love Token” and it is intended to be interpreted broadly. A Love Token might be a traditional Valentine but most of the ones I’ve received are not. It could be a gift from a lover but it could also be a macaroni necklace from your 6 year old. There will be index cards available so folks can write down a little note on what the object is and its story. Some folks will be given the opportunity to present their object from the stage ‘show and tell’ style.

Otherwise it will be a pretty typical poetry open mic. Poems do not have to relate to the objects or the theme– although bonus points if you do. The reading and Pop Up Museum will be hosted by Art Car Heather

Sign up begins at 7 pm. The reading will begin at 8 and go until about 10.

Check the Sidhe Brewing Website for monthly Pop Up Museum Themes


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