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5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Austin Holiday Inn & Conference Center
1701 4th ST NW, Austin, Mn, 55912

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We will be having various activities going on throughout the time frame including an acoustic performance by a local musician, on site beard trimming, Hammershlagen, Beard Stroking Booth, Spaghetti Eating Contest, and a few other things yet to be determined. The cost will be $10 to attend. The cost will include beer samples, entry for door prizes, entertainment throughout the evening, ballot for voting, and a wide array of bearded knowledge.
This is intended to be a fun evening of discussing beard growth amongst the bearded fans, as well as discussing great brews that you may have never heard of or maybe you have heard of them, but really wanted to try them out, and just trying to offer something slightly different in the town of Austin.

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