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Chinese New Year at Boom Island Brewing

Chinese New Year at Boom Island Brewing


1:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Boom Island Brewing Taproom
2014 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN, 55411

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Inspired by the experiences of co-owner Qiuxia Welch from her native city of Chengdu, China, and to honor the Chinese roots of the brewery, Boom Island Brewing will celebrate the Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 6 at the taproom from 1-9pm. Boom Island Brewing was built with the help of Qiuxia’s own parents from China. Despite knowing no English, they came to Minneapolis from China to help Qiuxia and her husband and brewer Kevin get Boom Island Brewing into operation.

Featuring an exclusive tarragon Witness witbier made especially for the occasion, there will also be a variety of Chinese traditions and activities for guests to enjoy. Boom Island will have its own version of a Chinese red envelope tree for visitors. Red envelopes are a popular Chinese tradition and are enclosed with a gift or token of good luck for the New Year. The envelopes are presented to those who offer a well wish or fortune to the giver. Boom Island will feature a wall for guests to write and display their good wishes on for the oncoming year in exchange for a red envelope. Come prepared with a good tiding or fortune for the New Year to earn a special red envelope from Boom Island!

Complimentary fortune cookies and tea will be available at the taproom throughout the day to give visitors a taste of China. Craft activities for the Chinese New Year will be set up around the brewery for all to enjoy.

Boom Island Brewing is located at 2014 Washington Avenue N, Minneapolis MN, 55411 in north Minneapolis. The taproom entrance can be found through the alley at the back of the building.

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