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Fitger’s Cherry Batch No. 11

Fitger’s will be releasing their “Cherry Batch Anniversary” ale on Friday. I have no doubt that it will be a wonderful beer!

Hi Folks,
The Brewhouse is happy to tell you that this Friday, Sept. 23rd, we will release one of our favorite once-a-year ales. We make this beer to celebrate our anniversary each year (this is number 11).

Cherry Batch Anniversary.
This amber full bodied beer is first brewed with 10 year old aged hops to remove any hop flavor but still provide the preserving effects of the hop. Then it is fermented with cherries. Post fermentaion we condition the beer on top of 800 pounds of cherries. We get our fruit from Door County, Wisc. The result is a huge cherry flavor without forgetting that we are drinking a beer.


Charlie Parr is back from Europe and will be playing cuts off his new album tonite. We have a limited amount of Parr’s Porter to enjoy with the music.

Thanks for your support,
The Brewhouse Gang