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Fitger’s Update

Hey brew lovers, Dave here from the Brewhouse with some news. We continue our stout-a-thon at the Brewhouse with the release of Plymouth Rock Stout. 6.3% We released this beer on cask last week to good response so Monday we will release the CO2 version. An English style robust stout. Less bitter black malt and more crystal malt and a medium bodied middle and an oak laden finish. We are also giving a nod to the Belgians. Currently we are pouring Amsterdam Ale, Blue Label Grand Reserve, and Hair O’ the Monk Triple. We will release El Diablo Strong Golden early next week. El Diablo is a light beer with a secret. It’s 10% alc. Smooth and drinkable but look out. 10 oz pours only, for safety. We will make growlers available of this beer. On Sunday 2/26 we will release Castle Greyskull Pale Ale 6.1% An English style pale this is a companion beer to Castle Danger. Very English in flavor with a crisp dry flavor and a woody finish. Sunday 2/26 also brings the pre-release cask of Gandvik Maple Porter 7.9% A Baltic style strong porter. Dry and roasty/chocolaty with an aroma and flavor of local maple syrup. (Lutsen Maplery) This beer will not see the light of day for a few months. Try the younger cask version this week. It has come to our attention that you would like more Big Boat Stout growlers made available to the public. In response we will ramp up the Big Boat brews and go from 25% of the time growler availability to 75% of the time. We hope this helps. check as always for the latest. Thanks for your awesome support. Cheers The Brewhouse Gang