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Fitger’s Update

We thought you’d like to know that we’ll be working closely with our neighbors to the north at Fitger’s Brewhouse to keep you informed of all of the great beers that Dave and the gang roll out each week. If you take a gander at the taps list at right, you’ll notice a new list of wonderful beers available at the Brewhouse. TWELVE BEERS! Yes, TWELVE BEERS! Nice, eh? I’m about ready for a road trip to Duluth.


  1. dfried says:

    That is awesome, I have noticed their own website can get pretty out of date, and I am bound and determined to try some of that blueberry porter this year.

  2. Tom says:

    It’s too bad their customer service needs some serious upgrading….a couple weeks ago a friend of mine emailed the brewhouse to tell them a group of about 15 were going to be there on a Saturday night. Despite them not taking reservations, they told us they would try to accomodate us. We called when we were on our way, and got the same response: c’mon in, they will try to accomodate us. So we get there and they tell us, sorry, they don’t have the staff, it will be an hour wait. WTF? We ended up next door at Pickwicks, where we easily dropped a $1000. Your loss, Fitger’s.

  3. Eric says:

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