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Fitger’s Update

Another week begins and Fitger’s Brewhouse rolls out more barrels of beer! Here’s the skinny…

Greetings from Fitgers Brewhouse.
Dave here with a quick update on the new seasonals this week.

Cherry Ale 11 will be off on Thursday. We will release some Cherry Edmund Imperial Stout this Winter, but that is it for Cherry. Thank you for the amazing response to this unique ale
Replacing Cherry will be:

Wild Blue Lager 5.6%
A blueberry lager brewed malty and sweeter with Bayfield, WI blueberries.

Other new beers this week:

Daisy Ale 8 6.1%
Daisy is 8 so her yearly birthday ale comes to us.
A north shore style amber ale. Rich in malt fruit and body with an assertive hop flavor to balance.
Come and toast one of the brewer’s main inspirations.

St Stephens Abby 6.7%
A Belgian style amber ale. Rich yeast fruitiness with a smooth body and a filling finish. This beer will rotate with Hair O’ the Monk at the Red Star across the hall.

Thanks for your support. See you in Minneapolis at the Autumn Brew Review on Saturday.

(Hint) Special release of the last of the Cherry Beer during the festival.

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