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Flat Earth Anniversary Food Pairings at Preston’s

As mentioned before, Flat Earth’s third annivarsary party will take place on March 1st at Preston’s Urban Pub. Here’s an update on some of the food pairings:

Here are the food specials we will be running for the Flat Earth Anniversary Party on March First:

Mini Reubens paired with Ovni
Ginger Sunburst Cheese Curds served with Marinara – made with Sunburst Apricot Ale
Spicy Chorizo Bites will be cooled off nicely with the Double Hopped Angry Planet
Cherry Chipotle Tuna Tar Tar served on Ciabatta  paired with the Belgian Pale Ale
Pineapple, Lamb, Green Pepper and Onion Shish Kabobs paired with the Winter Warlock Barleywine
S’more Brownies paired with the Grand Design Porter

Two words. Yum. Yum.