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Food for Thought on a Wednesday Morning

Here’s a link to a brief craft beer article in The Atlantic that you might enjoy.  There’s nothing earth-shattering in the article, but it is a conversation starter.  In fact, your homework assignment is to use this article to engage a suspected non-craft beer drinker in a discussion about the virtues of craft beer.  Sitting in a bathroom stall next to a toe-tapping, finger wiggling co-worker?  Change subjects!  Annoyed that your husband’s great aunt is over for dinner, yet again?  Run her off with a long discourse on craft beer!  Looking to divert attention away from your inverted colon while visiting the proctologist?  Fire this chat up!  Gotta tell your son’s grade school class about your job for career day?  Feel free to lie to the little buggers and get an early start on their indoctrination!


  1. Boston Beer Company may become too big to fit the Beer Association’s definition of a craft brewery and now MillerCoors has opened a small, craft-like brewery. It is time for me to forget about terms like craft, micro, macro, and the like and instead focus on what I like.

  2. Deano says:

    You sir are a rabble rouser. But what should we expect. 🙂

    That’s a toughie. I kinda agree with Scott, we should drink what we like regardless of label (i.e. micro, craft, etc). Part of me also worries that if the megas get in on “craft” brews, it could spell trouble for smaller breweries doing original things (e.g. Flat Earth). There are onlt so many “facings” in a beer store.


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