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Fresh Hop Release at Town Hall

Besides being the time of year for pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers, it’s also that special time of year when fresh/wet hop beers are available. Check out what Town Hall has to say about theirs and then make plans to take in a pint.

Well, the hop harvest has happened and that means time for our Fresh Hop 100. Monday 10/8 Fresh Hop week will begin at Town Hall Brewery

We will release our Fresh Hop 100 at 5pm. This year we were able to have freshly picked Simcoe hops overnighted to the brewery, and I think it turned out well. As we have done for the 7th year, Fresh Hop 100 is brewed with 100% whole wet hops- no hop pellets or hop extracts. This is pure from the farm to the glass. We will have growlers available monday beginning at 5pm. We will feature a pint intro price from 5-6pm, but do not expect the normal $2.50 as this beer is very expensive for us to produce. We again used 180lbs of fresh, wet hops for our batch-that is 18lbs per barrel.

As usual we will feature other Fresh/Wet Hop beers all next week and this year they have all been brewed in MN! Get your sample platter of Fresh/Wet Hop beer while they last.

Starting Moday we will serve-

Town Hall fresh Hop 100, Lift Bridge Harvestor, Brau Brothers 100 Yard Dash, Surly Wet, Indeed Fresh Hop, and Lucid Wammo

We will serve ours and 4 other ones at a time for a total of 5 choices, the remainder will back up the first one to empty, I hope to have 5 choices for you all week.

So we sent some samples over to our friends at Summit Brewery the other day and they were kind enough to run the beer through their lab, so we have IBU numbers for this year. Town Hall Fresh Hop 100 2012 came in at 77.9 BU and the alcohol was measured at 6.66% abv. Hope that other brewery across town is not upset we got the “Mark of the Beast” this year………

See you next week! While you are in I may suggest you try the drink of the month. It is a Pumpkin Pie Martini….and it is good. We had folks hand grinding spices for days to make you this treat. Usually you don’t see me pimping drinks (I kinda like beer)….this is worth a try.