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Fulton/Great Lakes Collaboration Beer

We like Fulton, and when we’re not drinking Minnesota-made beers, we’ve been known to drink a few Great Lakes Brewing Co. beers. So when we heard that the two had paired up to make a Baltic Porter, we figured we should probably taste it, eh? Brian and Mikey from Fulton went to Cleveland  to work with the Great Lakes folks and their 7 bbl pub system to brew a Baltic Porter that incorporates molasses and Great Lakes’ proprietary lager yeast.

Unfortunately, only about a half dozen kegs made it into the market. Your next chance to sample said beer will be on Saturday at  The Beer Dabbler. No Dabbler tickets? Be sure to stop by Bryant Lake Bowl on Tuesday, January 29th. You can also keep an eye out for a few more releases – watch Fulton’s Facebook & Twitter feeds.