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Great Waters Beer Dinner

Great Waters is hosting a five course beer dinner that includes some seasonal beers and plenty of tasty eats. Tickets are $65/person, or $55/person if you are a MBA member. Stop in or call 651-224-2739. They are also giving away two tickets to the event to one lucky winner who posts which course they think sounds the best on their Facebook page.

Beer Dinner Menu

Course 1:
Stout & Goat Cheese Soup with The Blackwatch Oat Stout

Course 2:
Wild Rice Walleye Cakes and a Rosemary Mandarin Vinaigrette with The Golden Prairie Blonde

Course 3:
Banana Leaf Wrapped Pork and Vegetables in Guajillo Sauce and Basmati Rice with New Centurian Mild Ale spiked with Cocoa Nibs and Ancho Peppers

Course 4:
Shrimp and Scallops over Fettuchini in a Poblano Cream Sauce with Scotch Ale

Course 5:
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake with Belgian Bruin

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