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Groveland Tap Bar Update

I just got a note from Craig over at Groveland Tap. He wanted me to share that they’ll be redoing their bar today and will be adding 13 more taps! Thirteen! He also mentioned that Miller Lite will be removed around Jan. 1 for something better.

Also, on  Friday the 12th they will be start The 12 Nights of Christmas:

Dec. 12: Grab Bag night – till we run out! $2 bottles. They choose, you drink.
Dec 13: Delerium Night. Tis the season to see pink elephants. $6 Taps
Dec. 14: St. Pauli Girl Christmas $5 Bomber bottles
Dec 15: Schell’s 150th Anniversary taps $3
Dec 16: Christmas from Across the Border, Wisconsin that is, Rush River $3 taps
Dec 17: Summit Flight Night $6
Dec 18: Meet me in Kansas, Boulevard night $3 taps.
Dec 19: Drop Top Night $3 taps
Dec 20: Double wide night $10 6-pack PBR tall boys
Dec 21: Get your Christmas Goose. Goose Island Matilda $5.
Dec 22: It’s Firkin Christmas! Casks from Summit, Surly, Rush River, Flat Earth and Schell’s
Dec 23: Christmas Parade? Have a float Root Beer or Oatmeal Stout you choose. $4


  1. Ben says:

    Now if only they had some more room in there so you could get a seat at the bar.

  2. al says:

    yeah, don’t mean to rag on them…but “Meet me in Kansas”> Kansas City, MISSOURI, maybe?

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